Pricing your projects and personalizing your scopes just got easier!

Personalize Your Scopes

When you log into your Wethos profile, you’ll now notice you’re able to access the “Brand” tab in the navigation bar. There you will be able to customize your scope template by adding your studio name, your logo, and your brand colors.

Customize Your Point Value

Want to set point value to flat $100? Or your hourly rate? Or $500? You can do so. Simply input the dollar amount you’d like to assign each point and you’re all set to

start scoping.

Start with the Budget, then Auto-Calculate the Point Value

Have a budget in mind? Plop it in and the point value will auto-calculate.

Project Phase Break-Down

Easily see how much budget is allocated to each project phase by referencing the phase break-down chart. As you add phases to your scope and assign services, the chart will seamlessly update to reflect the amount of budget allocated to each phase. By hovering over each section you’ll see the exact dollar amount.


If you have any questions about our product roadmap, see what we're building here. For questions based on this release, please email [email protected].

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