Utilize your past projects in order to create a new scope in minutes. In this article you'll learn how to duplicate, re-use, and access your previously created scopes.

Create project from past scope

On the projects page, select the "create" drop down.

Select "Project from Past Scope" in order to duplicate one of your past projects.

Search for the project you'd like to duplicate. Once you've found the one, select "next" to re-name the project and assign it to the client.

Select "create" and voila! Your project has been duplicated and is ready for any tweaks necessary, or to be sent right off to your client.

Duplicate the scope directly within the project

You can also duplicate a scope from the project's page by selecting the three dots next to "view proposal."

Select to "Create project from this scope" and then follow the same steps as above!

Access your past scopes

Within the scope builder, navigate to the filter under "Services Library" and select the options for "Mine" under "Library" and "Scopes" under "Type." Click "apply."

If you have scoped previously, you'll notice a list of your scope templates and past scopes.

Click on any scope to view more details within the scope including its phases and services.

If you decide to use this scope you have a few options for how you can add it to the scope builder:

  • Copy all phases and services - to copy the previous scope in its entirety to your current scope.

  • Copy phases - to copy a phase or two to your current scope.

  • Copy services - to copy certain services into phases within your current scope.

*Note: To add scopes into your Past Scopes library, begin creating a scope or a template of your own. You'll be able to access those scopes for future projects.


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