You can add a new client contact or switch out an existing client contact when you're ready to share a scope.

Add a new client contact

From the Scope page, navigate to the right and scroll down to the "Signer" field. Click the plus sign to add a client signer.

You'll be asked to provide the client's first and last name, title, and email as required fields and the client's phone number as an optional field.

Once you've filled out all the fields, click "save" to navigate back to the Scope page.

If you'd like to cancel, click "cancel" to return to the previous page.

Edit the client from the Projects page

From the projects page, click on the name of the client to edit or add another contact. From there, click "create" to add a new contact.

Note: By adding a client contact, you're client will not be notified by the platform or by Wethos. This field is only for reference and to designate who will receive the scope of work.


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