You now have the freedom to add custom services to your scopes and feel confident in what you charge with data-backed pricing recommendations.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Add your custom service information

When you can’t find a service you need, select the ‘add service’ button to the right of the services library search bar within the scope tool, or from the Services page within My Studio. From there, input the service name, assign a role, determine the quantity, add a bit more detail about the service in the description, and the base price that you would normally charge for this service.

Step 2: Input the effort level

Next, use the sliders to tell us how much effort is required to complete the service. We’ll use this information to provide a price recommendation.

Step 3: Add the custom service to your scope and review the price recommendation

Search for the service you just added in the service library, add it to your scope, and review the price recommendation. If the price needs to be adjusted, simply edit the service to the amount you’d like to charge.

Step 4: Adjust the price of Wethos services as needed

You also have the flexibility to adjust the price of any Wethos services you included in your scope. If you have a price in mind, feel free to input it as the base price of that service. Or, you can adjust the effort levels to receive a new price recommendation.

If you have any questions about our product roadmap, see what we're building here. For questions based on this release, please email [email protected].

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