With network management, Wethos makes adding your friends to projects easier and faster than ever.

We've created a brand new Community page with features that help you:

  1. Manage your network of conspirators

  2. Share out your scopes

  3. Invite your contacts to the project

1. Manage your network of conspirators

Ditch your spreadsheet and put all your people in one place.

Add your existing network to Wethos individually or in bulk and create groups to organize your roster of "Top Designers" or "Team Alphas." When you're ready to access your list, you can filter and search by groups or contacts for quick access.

2. Share out your Scopes

Effortlessly share your scope with anyone, at anytime

You can share your scope to further collaborate or confirm teammate participation. Use the live scope preview for an overview, download the scope as a PDF, or copy the public URL to your clipboard to easily share out.

3. Invite your contacts to the project

Bring the team to the work and spend less time filling roles.

Once you've added and organized contacts, you can invite those teammates to your project scope. Search or filter your groups and add a contact in-line.


Want in on what's next? Here's a sneak peek...

  • Find & Discover Teammates - the ability for you to staff teammates who are not in your existing network, finding them through the Wethos platform

  • Platform availability - the ability for the invited teammate to respond to the project invite with - "interested," "interested but with suggested changes," "not interested."

  • Invited Teammate Status - the ability for the Studio Lead to see the status of their invites (who viewed, who accepted)

If you have any questions about our product roadmap, see what we're building here. For questions based on this release, please email [email protected].

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