You deserve to get paid for your time managing the client, team, and project. Wethos incorporates a management fee in the form of a service that can be added to your scope.

1. Within the Scope Library use the search bar to find “manage projects." Copy the service to a phase within your scope or create a new phase.

We recommend creating a phase for "Admin" or "Service Fee" so the scope clearly highlights the fee and service.

2. Edit the Manage projects service to describe how much you're charging and why.

For example, the image below shows the fee with details including the role assigned, the quantity expressed as a percentage of the project total, and a description of the fee.

You can make edits to any of these variables:

  • For the role assigned, simply search for a new role within the dropdown by typing the first letter and selecting a role that best fits.

  • For the quantity, clarify what the project fee is reflective of, whether a percentage of the total or a flat or hourly rate. You can also use the Effort sliders for a pricing recommendation or take a percentage of your current project total to manually add a price for this service.

  • For the description, make edits to the existing text to best fit your circumstances.

Click "save" to confirm the changes or "cancel" to go back.

3. Once saved, voila, you have included a management fee! You'll see these changes reflected on your scope PDF in the appropriate phase and within the Fee Summary. You can return to the scope at any time to further update.

*Product Hack content is subject to change as we build new features that render these workarounds obsolete! Keep an eye on what we're building via our public roadmap.

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