Freelancers on Wethos don’t always fly solo — they’re also entrepreneurs who actively swap and share opportunities with friends. That’s why we've built transparency and community-centered tools into our platform to help people win bigger projects together.

We do realize that it doesn’t always make sense to be fully transparent with certain aspects of your business, including who is getting paid what on your team. You can choose your level of project transparency by doing a few extra steps in generating individual teammate scopes to hide rates. You'll essentially create a separate teammate project.

1. After finalizing the details of your client scope, create a brand new project under the same client with a title that is specific to the role that the individual scope will be for, like “Communications Strategy | Email Marketer.”

2. You'll be sent directly to the scope builder. Choose "create scope."

Navigate to the Scope Library on the right and use the filter to select your own scope library, choosing "Mine" and "Scopes." Click "apply."

3. When your scope template library populates, click on the initial scope you're referencing and click the button to "copy all phases and services." The entire scope will be added.

4. To narrow down this scope for the responsibilities and services of your individual teammate, remove all phases that do not involve the teammate by deleting the phases and/or services.

You can choose to make these edits on the phase level within the "Group by: Phase" view or on the services level within the "Group by: Teammates" view. Whichever is easiest for you.

5. Double check the final services and price once you've made all changes to the scope and the scope PDF.

Final Teammate Scope:

6. Customize the contract within the scope PDF download view to share the PDF or a link to the project. Don't forget to invite your teammate to the role by sharing the PDF or a link to the project.

Teammate Scope PDF:

Invite a teammate to the open role on the Manage tab:

7. Finally, once the overall project has been signed and kicked off, manage the teammate's budget individually in the project's Manage tab, marking services as complete.

*Product Hack content is subject to change as we build new features that render these workarounds obsolete! Keep an eye on what we're building via our public roadmap.

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