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This guide will answer your questions about networking on Wethos:

What's a contractor?

A contractor is a person you're connected to or would like to connect to in order to build your network or a project team. You can add contractors to on the Contractors page and invite them to Wethos by clicking the "invite" button and simply adding their name, email, title, and URL.

What's a profile?

A profile is a collection of your work experience and expertise, packaged up to share with other Wethos collaborators. Your profile includes work samples that you showcase, a profile picture and social links, and information used to help other studios discover you - your industries, services, tools, causes, and languages.

What's a studio?

A studio is your virtual space to team up and make more. Studios have services that they sell to clients, unique brands that identify them, collaborators that make up their network or dream team, and projects that are scoped and run through the platform. Every studio has its own library of services and scopes to make running a business and assembling a team super easy.

Who's profiles am I able to see?

You are able to see all profiles of Wethos users who have their visibility turned on. You can search and discover teammates from the People page and save them to your contractors to reach out at the right time.

Can everyone see my profile?

You can designate who sees your profile on Wethos. On the Profile page, a toggle can be flipped on or off for your to either been seen by the Anyone Wethos or by No one.

Who can I invite to projects?

Invite anyone on or off platform to projects. Leverage the existing contractors you have organized on the Contractors tab, add new contractors, or invite a new teammate you've found through the People page.

Who am I allowed to reach out to?

You can reach out to any Wethos users with their visibility turned on whom you'd like to work with. Users can set their availability for projects from their Profile page, choosing to be either "available, available soon, or not available."

How can I set my availability?

Set your availability for projects from your Profile page, choosing to be either "available, available soon, or not available." Keep this up to date so other users know when they can contact you for new business!

Any tips for better profile visibility?

A professional profile is essential to making connections on Wethos. Consider filling out all aspects of your profile, select a professional profile picture, engage with other studios and independents, get creative with how you promote yourself, and, don't forget, set your profile to be visible! You can find additional tips and tricks to a standout profile here.


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