So you've just signed up for a virtual studio on Wethos—now it's time to make it your own! Here's a collection of information and tips to help bring all the moving parts together.

What's a studio?

A studio is your virtual space to team up and make more. Studios have services that they sell to clients, unique brands that identify them, collaborators that make up their network or dream team, and projects that are scoped and run through the platform. Every studio has its own library of services and scopes to make running a business and assembling a team super easy.

What's a service?

A service is the product or offering your studio sells. You can’t do business without them. For example, if you're a Brand Strategist, a service that you may provide is to "Develop Brand Story" or to "Establish Brand Mission Statements." Each service on Wethos includes a name, a quantity, a price, a description, and a role.

What's a role?

A role is a person assigned to execute a specific service. Using the below example, the role assigned to the service is a Content Strategist. The Content Strategist is responsible for completing the service, Research Audience Personas, and will be compensated $900 for 1 report.

What's a scope?

A scope lays out the specifics of what your studio will deliver to your client, including how much it will cost, the quantities involved, the expected deadline, and any additional details. You build scopes by adding services from your services library or from Wethos' template library. If the services you provide are the pieces, the scope is the puzzle.

How do I add new services?

Add new services to your library by creating a new, custom service. When you add a new service to your library, you can also designate a role and use the pricing levers to help the system recommend a base price. Once it is added to your library, the service can be accessed at any time for any of your clients or projects.

How do I customize price recommendations?

Customize pricing recommendations by adjusting the levers to generate a recommended price. If you'd like to override the recommended price, simply type in what you want to price your service.

How do I customize roles?

Assign or re-assign a role to a service from either the Manage or Scope page by selecting to "edit scope." Hover over the specific service you'd like to assign and click on the person icon. If you can't find the exact role you're looking for, use this form to request that a role be added to the platform.

Can other team members gain access to my Studio?

Invited teammates have view-only access to the scope of the project they were invited to. When they create an account through the invite, they are automatically placed on the free-level of our platform.

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