Two-Factor Authentication

Enable or disable 2FA for an added layer of security

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Add an extra level of security to your account by enabling two-factor authentication.

From the Settings page, choose "Enable" under the "Two-Factor Authentication" section and follow these steps:

  1. Choose a password to continue.

  2. A QR code image will appear on your screen. Scan the image with an authenticator app on your phone. We recommend using Google Authenticator, 1Password, or LastPass.

  3. Once you've scanned the code, your authenticator app will give you a six-digit code to enter. Click "continue," enter the code, and click "confirm." (You'll notice that the code will change in your authenticator app every 30 seconds to keep it fresh.)

  4. You'll then be prompted with a final window of recovery codes. If you lose your device, you can disable two-factor authentication with one of these recovery codes and access your account. Click "copy" to save your recovery codes in a safe place such as 1Password or LastPass. You won't be able to view these again after pressing "done."

  5. Click "done" to complete the authentication.

Each time you log into the platform, you'll be asked to enter the six-digit code from the authenticator app on your phone.

Notice that you can disable two-factor authentication anytime by selecting "Disable". You'll be prompted to enter your password to confirm this action. Re-enable two-factor authentication at any time by following the same steps above.

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