A professional profile is essential to making connections on Wethos. It’s your digital intro to prospective teammates, a way to shine a light on your unique experience and expertise, and the best means of raising your to be selected for a new work opportunity.

So, what does a rockstar profile include?

A top-notch profile on Wethos checks all of these boxes:

  • It's a fully filled-out profile card with links that drive to your most up-to-date work or social accounts and a punchy bio that intrigues.

  • It's tagged with the services and tools that you've delivered on time and time again (and could do so in your sleep) and promotes the industry and causes you care about.

  • It highlights the past work that you're proud of and truly demonstrates your skills and expertise in areas you want to continue growing in.

  • It's creative! Maybe it shows off a video introduction or calls out the type of partnerships that you thrive in.

  • It shows your true availability to signal to the Wethos community that you're Available, Available Soon, or Unavailable.

Consider these tips to help your profile stand out and get noticed for that next big opportunity.

1. Use every part of your profile to showcase your skills

The first step to a superb profile is completing your profile card. Start your profile by ensuring your primary and secondary titles reflect the expertise you want to be hired for. You can expand on any details in your short bio.

Another key to a complete profile is choosing all industries, services, and causes that fit your expertise. Seek quantity but be able to back up those skills with the quality of your work and experience. The tags you add to these sections allow others in the community to search for you if their scope has similar needs.

2. Select a professional profile picture

We want to see you! Choose to share an image of yourself over the other platform options of an emoji or a color. We won't judge you if you need an interim image while you arrange a photo-shoot or take time to find that winning pic in your camera roll.

3. Keep links up-to-date

There's nothing more anticlimactic than getting excited to open up a new link and landing on an error page. Double-check the links you add to the platform so that they arrive at the right location. Ensure that you promote pages and social media profiles that you are active on in case potential collaborators are interested in DM'ing you elsewhere.

4. Promote the work that represents the opportunity you want

Don't just highlight the work you've done, consider highlighting the work that you want. The platform gives you five solid opportunities to promote your work and you should use each in a different way. Adding the work you've done in the past that truly demonstrates your ownership of execution, thinking, strategy or results is best. Bonus points if you can speak to ongoing partnerships that show how you've grown your craft and the direction your business is planning to go.

You may also be thinking, I have great work to share but the nature of my business has confidentiality agreements in place. No sweat. Redact any client or brand names within your descriptions and focus more on the approach you took to complete the work.

5. Engage with other Studios and Independents

Don't be a stranger. Periodically search through the community to discover new studios and independents who recently joined the platform. You can reach out via email or save their profiles to your contractor page for future outreach. Not only will you be inspired by their profiles, but you'll also have a new set of connections to grow your network.

Consider joining the public Wethos Slack Community for another avenue to connect.

6. Get Creative

While the platform is structured with certain fields, get creative with how you showcase yourself. Consider using emojis within your bio or descriptions for added fun. Maybe an introduction video best expresses who you are in the place of a work sample. And don't forget, the links you share should be kept up-to-date. Perhaps linking to a specific page of your website will speak more to your work or personality than your homepage will.

7. Set your profile to "Available"

The community will only see your profile if it's set to "Available" or "Available Soon." Be sure to keep this up to date based on your openness to take on new work or meet new collaborators.


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