With search and discovery, Wethos enables Studios to find the right teammates at a moment’s notice.

Staff up Quickly

in order to fill roles and take on bigger projects.

Always be prepared for your client's next request. Search the Wethos database of Studios and Independents and filter results based on your scope of work. Quickly see their past work, causes, and availability to assess the fit. To fill the roles on your scope, invite those teammates directly to your project.

Discover and Build Your Network

by searching and finding the right teammate for the job.

Expand your network to quickly assemble the right team for that next big project. Find that (Strategist) who cares about (Eco-Justice) in (San Diego, CA) who will be (Available Soon) and is skilled in (Figma), or anyone else who fits your project needs. Save your collaborators and organize them into groups for quick outreach when the time's right.

Make Your Profile Discoverable

by other studios and get invited to new projects

Get invited to new opportunities to tackle the work together. Set your availability, interests, and put your best foot forward with a profile that shows off your experience.

What are we building next? Here's a sneak peek at upcoming Invoicing features:

  • Notify all parties when payments are due

  • Provide all relevant information about the payment

  • Make it easy for all parties to keep a paper trail for tax purposes.

If you have any questions about our product roadmap, see what we're building here. For questions based on this release, please email [email protected].

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