The Bank Account page is your payment account's home. From this page; view your transactions and monthly statements, and manage your cards and linked accounts.

When you navigate to the Bank Account page, you’ll automatically land on the Transactions tab. Here you can view your account information, your account balance, and transfer funds.

Filter transactions by selecting from the drop-down menus; a timeframe, a specific project, or a specific client. Click "clear" to remove filters from your view.

To view an associated invoice or edit an expense name, click the three dots on the right side of a transaction.

Assign a transaction to a project

Assign a transaction to account for an expense or payment for a specific project. Under the "Project" column, instead of a project name, the transaction line will say "Assign to project."

Click on "Assign to Project" and you'll be prompted to fill out the project assignment and expense name. Click "save" to save the changes or "cancel" to go back.

To edit the expense name, click the three dots to the right of the expense.

After clicking "Edit expense name," you will be able to re-name the expense. Click "save" when you've completed your desired action.

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