Open a Wethos Payments Account to seamlessly get paid by clients and payout teammates. Invoice clients and keep track of all project expenses and transactions, all in one place.

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On the Bank Account page, begin the application process by reading the Wethos Electronic Disclosure and Consent Agreement, the Wethos Business Debit Cardholder Agreement, and the Wethos Bank Deposit Agreement. Select "get started" for a payments account through Wethos.

1. Verify your phone number. Enter your phone number and press "next." You'll be sent a verification code to enter, then press "confirm."

2. Tell us about your business structure. Choose the type of business you run.

If your business is a Sole Proprietor, you’ll be prompted to fill out the following information (2 steps):

  • Your Identity

  • Your contact information

If your business is a Partnership, LLC, or Corporation, you'll be prompted to fill out the following information (5 steps):

  • The company’s identity

  • Company contact information

  • Beneficial owners’ information

  • Officer profile (may be the same as the owner)

  • The main company contact’s information

4. Do a final review. Review your application and all the information you entered to ensure it is correct.

5. Click apply! Most often the new payments account is approved within minutes. Occasionally our service provider might require some additional information or documentation and if so, we'll reach out to you to confirm the next steps.

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