Search and discover new teammates from the People page

This article will show you how to filter your search for new teammates, quickly learn more about a potential teammate, and how to add or remove contractors.

Filter your search by industry, availability, location, and more by checking off the tags on the left. Keep track of the filters you've selected as they congregate at the top of the screen.

Select the "X" next to the tag to remove it, or reset all the filters by clicking "clear all."

From the list of filters on the left, select "view all" from any one of the tags to do a more in-depth search. All the tags that you have selected will be along the bottom of the modal. Click "close" and all of the filters you have checked will refine your search.

Click on a person's name or picture to view more of their profile information without leaving the search page.

Click the bookmark next to the person's name to save them to your Contractors.

Those who you have saved to your Contractors can now be found on the Contractors tab. Remove a contractor by clicking the same bookmark button that you selected when adding them.

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