Wethos provides you the tools you need to set up your studio and pay your teammates, all for free.

When you create an account on Wethos, you'll have 60 days of unlimited access to our Wethos Services Library. After 60 days, all accounts are free, with no subscription necessary, with the option to retain access to our Services Library for $25 a month. Further, you can create a Payments Account and payout teammates at no cost. A 1% fee applies on payments from your clients.

Virtual Studios, Free

All the essentials to get your studio up and running in less than 10 minutes:

  • Digital library of services

  • Unlimited projects & scopes

  • Unlimited client accounts

  • Invite unlimited collaborators

  • Access to Wethos Teammate Network

  • Access to peer-sourced services & scopes

Wethos Services Library, $25/month

  • Pricing recommendations for services and scopes

  • Search and save from hundreds of pre-built services

  • Leverage a deep database of detailed scopes added by real studios

  • Get inspired by exploring newly added services each month

*Have no fear! If you're already using a Wethos service or template in any of your current or past projects, those will remain in your library even after your 60-day trial period is over.

Studio Payments, 1% fee on client payments

  • Embedded payments account with no minimum balance

  • Free physical & virtual expense debit card

  • Unlimited invoicing & client billing

  • Free peer-to-peer payments to teammates

  • Project-based profitability tracking

  • Real-time cashflow & expense management

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Contact us at [email protected]

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