Wondering how to find the best collaborators for your project? Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when searching and discovering!


  1. Prioritize what your project needs

  2. Browse and save profiles for later

  3. Never miss an opportunity

  4. Get to know your potential collaborators

  5. Utilize preferences and availability

Tip 1: Prioritize what your project needs

Choose 1-2 skills that your project needs to be successful and filter your search based on those priorities. Filter your search on the Discover page by clicking "view all" under services, and selecting and searching for services that are necessary for your project.

Now your search will only show you collaborators that have included those skills in their profile!

Tip 2: Browse and save profiles for later

While on the Discover page, click the bookmark of all collaborators that you are interested in working with.

Now, you can easily go through your Collaborators on the Organize page and reach out to the ones that you feel best suit your projects.

Tip 3: Never miss an opportunity

If you see someone you are really interested in working with, but who's availability is set to "available soon," still reach out! It is possible that they will be available within a few weeks, or they can hop on a project with you in the future.

Easily keep track of people you are interested in working with by creating a group on the Organize page.

Tip 4: Get to know your potential collaborators

When inviting a collaborator to your project, you have the opportunity to send them a message with that invite. Send over a link to your schedule with the invite and plan a quick, no pressure chat with your potential collaborator so you can get to know them, and they can learn a little more about you and your project before diving in.

You also have access to collaborators' social media if they choose to include it in their profile. Send them a direct message and let them know you invited them to a project on Wethos, and learn more about them through their Instagram or LinkedIn!

Tip 5: Utilize preferences and availability

Wethos gives users the opportunities to not only set their availability for work, but tag their industries and interests. This allows you to get to know collaborators and their past experiences quickly and easily, while it also allows you the opportunity to present them with a job that pertains to their interests.


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