Your project permissions are automatically set so that invited teammates can only view the services within the scope that they're responsible for and their individual compensation. They will not be able to view the overall project cost or other teammate payouts.

This article outlines the different aspects of this feature:

Share your scope with potential teammates

From the Scope page, select "Copy teammate share link" to send the scope to a potential teammate.

From the teammate share link, teammates will be able to view your full scope without any pricing information:

Invited teammate view

Once you have invited a teammate to a project, they will receive an email asking them to join the project. From the link within the email, they will either sign-up or sign in to Wethos and view the invite. The invite only shows the services they will be working on, and the prices associated with each of those services.

After clicking "join" they will have their own specific view of the Scope, Team, and Payment pages.

On the Scope page:

Your teammate will see the project's scope, but only with the services that they are in charge of.

On the Team page:

Your teammate will be able to see the overall timeline of the project and other roles/teammates. When hovering over another role, your teammate will see their services and due dates, but not that role's compensation.

On the Payment page:

Your invited teammate will only be able to see their payout status.

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