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Teammate Permissions & Views
Teammate Permissions & Views

What a teammate can see when invited to a project by the team lead.

Written by Mario Cediel
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Teammates can only view the project goals and the scope. They won’t have access to view your project’s status, phase or service prices, client signature, or contact terms

Project permissions are automatically set so invited teammates can only view their individual compensation. They will not be able to view other teammate invites or payouts.

This article outlines the different aspects of this feature:

Invited teammate view

Once you have invited a teammate to a project, they will receive an email asking them to join the project. From the link within the email, they will be prompted to either sign-up for a Wethos account if they don’t already have one or sign in to their existing Wethos Account and view the invite.

After clicking "Accept Invite," they will have their own specific view of the Projects and Payments page.

On the Project page:

As a teammate, you can locate the projects you’ve been invited to under the Teammates Projects tab of the Project page.

Once you click on the project, you’ll be able to see the project scope and the project goals. However, you will not be able to see any prices associated with the project.

On the Payments page:

As a teammate, you will be able to see 3 different payment tracking amounts underneath the Payouts section:

  1. Agreed Pay - This is the total pay the project owner has agreed to pay you

  2. Paid - This is the amount that you’ve already been paid

  3. Owed - This is your Agreed Pay amount minus the already Paid amount

You’ll also see a breakdown of the individual payments you’ve received for the work you’ve done.

  • Date Received - This is the date the payment cleared

  • Type - This is the type of payment you’ve received from the team lead

    • External is when your payment is recorded off the Wethos Platform (i.e venmo, zelle, etc)

    • Bank Transfer is when your team lead pays you directly into your Wethos Payments Account. These types of payments are fee-free, and you have access to the funds instantly

  • Amount - Total $ amount you were paid


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