Once you've finished scoping your project, invite collaborators to team up directly from the platform.

Inviting a Teammate

Click the Manage tab and you'll notice "Open roles" displayed below the timeline based on how you assigned them during the scoping process.

Hover over one of the open roles and click the paper airplane icon to the right. Click the dropdown option to "Invite teammate to role."

A pop-up will appear showing all of your saved contractors. Click the "invite" button on any of your contractors, and the invite will be sent to that person. For more information, check out our Inviting Contractors to Projects article.

If you would like to invite a new contractor to the project, click the plus sign on the top right. You will be prompted to add the name and email address of the teammate you want to invite to the platform. Note the additional information on the invite about what the invited teammate can and cannot access on your scope.

Click invite to confirm or cancel to return to the previous page.

The invited teammate will live in a pending state until they accept or decline the invite.

What Does an Invited Teammate See?

Your teammate will receive an email with a link to an overview of the project (your message to them, the services they're responsible for, and the cost for each service).

Teammates are not required to have a paid plan, however, they will be required to create a free account. A link within the email will prompt them to create an account and this is what they see when logged in:

Once accepted a teammate has limited access to the overall scope.

Teammates can:

  • View client, project, and scope details

  • View their service prices

  • View other teammates

Teammates cannot:

  • Edit client, project, or scope details

  • Edit service prices

  • Invite other teammates

  • View total price of the project

  • View other teammates' compensation

Sending a Reminder or Uninviting a Teammate

You can choose to resend the invite to the teammate to decline or join or uninvite them by clicking the "X" on their role card.

For the reminder, click "resend invite" on their user card. They'll receive another email encouraging them to decline or join the project.

To uninvite them, click on the "X" at the top right of their role card. They'll receive a notification that the invitation has expired.

You'll get an email notification when a teammate has joined. Their profile and name will appear in a Teammates section below your timeline!


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