Scope projects in minutes by saving services from the Wethos Services Library or by creating your own custom services. You'll build a library that makes scoping future proposals a breeze.

Navigate to the "My Library" tab.

Look through the Wethos Library on the right side and search for a specific service by using the search bar.

Save a Wethos Service to your library by hovering over the service and clicking the yellow bookmark icon. This will automatically add the service to your library for future use.

Within the scope builder, use the Services Library to add services to your project.

Search the entire library, or filter the list to find a specific service quickly. Start by selecting the filter icon. Check out the short video below to see this in action!

Create new custom services within your project by selecting to add custom service.

You'll be prompted to fill in the details of that service, and it will automatically be added to your Services Library for future usage.


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