Add your own custom services to any scope and they'll be saved in your services library for future use. You can flexibly price the new service or leverage Wethos' pricing recommendation.

This article will show you how to...

  1. Add a custom service

  2. Add the new service to your scope

Note: Only you have access to a service you create within your Wethos account. No other Studio Lead on the platform will be able to utilize that information.

1. Add a Custom Service

Add a new service from anywhere within the platform using the "create" drop down, select "New Service."

While on the Services page, click on the add service

You'll be prompted to fill out the following information:

  • *Name - a required field for the name the service will be displayed as.

  • *Role - a required field for the role(s) most typically associated with this service.

  • Quantity - the number of units you're scoping for.

  • Description - a bit more detail about the service.

Click "add" to officially add the new service to your services library.

2. Add the New Service to your Scope

Add the custom service to your scope by searching for the name of your new service in the Services Library, or using the filter icon, filter by "mine."

Choose the phase you'd like the service to be added to from the drop down and select the plus sign.

You can also add a new custom service to your scope while editing a project. Select add custom service within a project.

You'll be prompted to add the default details to the service, and the service will automatically save as a new custom service to your Services Library.

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