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Access Wethos’ Services Library

How to view Wethos's service templates

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The Wethos Service Template Library is a feature available to all our Wethos Pro members. With Wethos Pro, you’ll have unlimited access to the Wethos Services Library, which includes 1000+ pre-built and pre-priced services to make raising your rates and expanding your offerings easy.

This article will show you how to….

Note: Access to services you’ve saved and edited within your Wethos account is limited to you. No other Wethos User on the platform can utilize that information.

Click on the “Templates'' item in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the page to find all of Wethos' templates available as a Wethos Pro user.

From there, select “Services” to easily browse through all the templated services.

If you're looking for a specific service, use the "Search Service Templates" bar to find what you need quickly. Alternatively, you can filter the services by roles on the right-hand side of the library.

Once you've found the service template you want, save it for future use by adding it to your Library. Simply hover over the desired service and select "save template."

Keep in mind that to add a service from our library, you will need to be upgraded to Wethos Pro.

Any service you've added to your library will appear in the "My Templates" tab on the platform.

If you want to change a service template saved to your Library, simply head over to your Library and hover over the desired service. From there, you can click the ellipses to duplicate or delete the service or select “edit service” to edit as needed. It's that easy!

2. Add a Wethos Service to your Scope

Browse or search the Wethos Services Library to add to your scope.

Building your scope is a breeze when you use the Services Library. When creating a proposal, click the "Add Service from Library" button to open the Services Library. You’ll be able to locate Wethos’ service templates directly from the template library and any services you’ve saved to your personal library.

Once you find the service you’re looking for, select the plus sign to automatically add it to the phase of your choice within your scope to help you to streamline your proposal-building process.

Utilize your library or the Wethos Services Library to add any services you’ll deliver to your scope quickly.

Once the service is added to your proposal, you can edit any fields, such as price or description, to customize it to your needs.

To see all of the services you’ve previously saved to your Library, Check out the "My Templates" tab. If you haven’t saved anything to your Library yet, you can always add your first service by selecting “add a service” or “create service” at the top right.

From here, you can add a service from our Template Library or create a new service from scratch.

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