Important note: You will only be able to pay teammates who have a Wethos Payments Account. To learn more about how to invite your teammates or how to create a bank account, head over to these articles:

1. Within your project, head to the Pay tab on the top right. From the Pay tab, choose the "payout teammates" button, under Expenses.

2. Click on the name of the teammate you'd like to pay. There will be a drop-down where you can manually enter the line items you'd like to pay them for or individually select services by clicking “Add Services as Line Items.”

3. Click the plus sign to quick-add services line items. These available quick-add services are the services the teammate is assigned within the scope.

4. Feel free to add in a personalized email message and view how much your teammate has been paid already with the "Paid So Far" bar.

On the right side of the screen is the summary, showing your current account balance, and what your balance will be after the payout.

5. Once you finalize everything, select the "review and pay" button in the upper right.

6. Take a last glance at your payout, and if it all looks good, press "send"!

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