The Team feature in the platform enables Studio Leads to keep track of which teammates are responsible for which services, their due dates, how much each teammate is earning, and when payouts are due.

This article will explain how to use the accompanying features, including:

  1. Building your timeline to automate your scope

  2. Tracking your budget and due dates to manage the project

  3. Marking services as completed to confirm progress

Building your timeline

Once you've completed creating your scope, a timeline will instantly be created in the Team tab and reflect the due dates you specified for each of the phases and services.

The timeline displays your phase titles in grey and bubbles represent the teammates who are responsible for finalizing a service on a specific due date. When you hover over the bubbles, you're able to see more details about the due date, service, and payout amount.

A bubble that is circled in purple means the Studio Lead marked that service as complete (see more about marking services as complete below).

Note: You must assign due dates to phases and services for them to appear on the timeline. Do this within the scope tool or by clicking on the calendar icon when hovering over services on the teammate cards.

Tracking your budget and due dates

There are two different ways to track your project budget: 1) By Phase, within the progress bar, 2) By Role, below the timeline.

Budget Progress by Phase

The Progress bar shows you how much of the budget has been used in each phase based on how many services from that phase have been completed. The dollar amount that appears to the left of the total amount on the right is reflective of the amount to be paid to your teammates based on their completed services.

Budget Progress by Role

When you hover over a teammate's card and click the arrow in the left corner, you'll see the budget breakdown by service. The purple progress bar shows how your teammate is tracking towards burning down the services that they are responsible for.

As you mark services as complete, the purple progress bar will adjust to reflect the amount of work that has been completed by that teammate and that is ready to be paid out.

Who completed what and when

Track the due dates of the project by easily seeing who on your team has deadlines based on the timeline. Similar to the screenshot above, click on the name of your teammate or a role to see more details about the services assigned and to make any changes to the role, due date, or completeness of the project.

Marking services as complete

As your project progresses, mark services as “complete” to trigger your budget tracker.

Hover over the teammate's name and select the drop-down arrow to the left of their profile image. This will allow you to see all of the services that the teammate is responsible for.

Hover over a service and the checkmark icon will appear. Click the checkmark icon to mark the service as complete.

Once done, the completed service will automatically be tracked under the name of the teammate, as well as in the overall Progress Bar. Doing this ensures you have a clear record of who completed what services when and for how much.


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