Request a Wethos Card to seamlessly account for all project-based expenses in one place. For Wethos Card FAQs, check here.

From the Bank Account ($) page, head to the "Cards" tab to request a debit card; physical, virtual, or both.

Click "request card" to begin the application process.

Check the box for the type of card(s) you’d like to receive, a physical, a virtual card, or both. If you choose a physical card, proceed by filling out your address so we know where to send it. Click "request," when this is complete.

Once you have your card(s), manage them from the "Cards" tab. On the lower left side of the card, it will indicate whether the card is "physical" or "virtual."

  • Click "copy" to copy the card number.

  • Click "show" to show card numbers and information.

  • Click "hide" to hide all card numbers and information.

To terminate, freeze, report stolen, or report lost, click the three dots and select the action you'd like to take.

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