Your services are the power of your business and are the building blocks to your scopes of work. Wethos provides the data to help you understand how to price your services with the ability to create custom services, and a pricing tool that generates pricing recommendations to ensure you get paid what you're worth.

Utilize the Wethos Services Library

All of the services in the Wethos Library have default recommended prices, and we analyze how people price them across our platform on a regular basis to keep them up to date. Save these services to your library by clicking the bookmark icon or search for them when creating a scope.

These data-backed services can help you gut-check your pricing and can be adjusted using the pricing levers per-project, as you see fit (see the next section).

Adjust service prices per-project

Within the scope builder, select to edit a service by clicking the pencil icon.

The sliders that you'll see will encourage you to think about increasing the price of a service in the context of a project. Based on the complexity of the work, any lingering uncertainty around requirements, the demands on your time, and the expertise it requires (e.g. maybe you'll have to gain or level up a skill), our pricing tool will recommend a price to account for these project-based aspects to ensure that you're getting paid for the work you're doing.

After adjusting the levers, you'll see the "Adjusted price" recommendation. Click "update" to update the price of the service to the recommended price for this specific project.

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