Handle shifts in the project as they come by quickly responding to and accounting for scope creep while avoiding team burnout for unexpected additions to the scope.

The platform helps you adapt to project changes by making it easy to:

  • Edit your scope in real-time

  • Adjust the service or phase due dates

  • Re-assign a role or add a new teammate

Edit your scope

Edit your scope from the Scope tab. Select the "edit" button on the top right.

Any changes made to the scope will be reflected in the Team tab.

Visit this article for a complete guide in how to edit your scope.

Adjust due dates

You can adjust due dates directly from the Team tab or by editing the Scope.

From the Team tab

Hover over one of the roles listed and click the arrow to the far left to display a drop-down of all the services that the role is assigned.

Hover over one of the services and select the "assign due date" and select a date from the calendar view.

From the Scope tab

Select to edit your scope and select the "due date" field of the specific service you'd like to assign. Select the date from the calendar, this will automatically be changed within the timeline on the Team page.

Re-assign teammates

Click the "edit scope" button on either the Team or Scope tab.

From the Team tab

Re-assign teammates directly on the Team tab. Click on a specific role to show the list of services that the teammate is responsible for. Hover over a service and select the re-assign role button to re-allocate that service to a new teammate.

From the Scope tab

Once you're back in the scope, navigate to the service that you'd like to re-assign. Delete the current role and either type or scroll through the list to re-assign a teammate to a service.

The changes made will automatically update on the Team tab.


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