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Adapting to Project Changes
Adapting to Project Changes

Make edits to the scope to respond to client needs.

Written by Mario Cediel
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Handle shifts in the project as they come by quickly responding to and accounting for scope changes while avoiding team burnout for unexpected additions to the scope.

The platform helps you adapt to project changes by making it easy to:

  • Edit your scope in real-time

  • Adjust the service or phase due dates

  • Manage your team

Edit your scope:

To edit your scope from the proposal tab, select the edit proposal button.

Visit this article for a complete guide on how to edit your scope.

Adjust due dates:

From your Proposal tab, select “edit proposal” and scroll down to your scope of work. Select the "due date" field of the specific service you'd like to update. Select the date from the calendar, this will automatically be changed for your project.

Re-assign Roles:

Once you're back in the proposal builder, scroll down to the scope of work and, navigate to the service that you'd like to re-assign. Delete the current role and either type or scroll through the list to re-assign the role on that service. Any changes made will automatically update on the project.

Manage or add team members:

Viewing and managing your team just got easier! Scroll down to the Team section of the Budget tab of your Project to view, add, edit, or pay out your teammates.

Need to add a new team member to work with you on your project? It's simple; when you select the “+ add teammate” button, you will be able to add a teammate to your project. You will have the option to work with someone you know or find a new partner from Wethos’ extensive network of freelancers. An invitation will be sent out to the partner of your choosing. Learn more about how you can add a teammate to your project HERE.

Within this section, you will also have the ability to manage your team, adjust your teammates’ pay as needed , payout your team or delete a teammate from your project. By selecting the ellipse next to the teammate’s name you will have a few options depending on the status of your teammate. If your teammate hasn’t accepted the offer for your proposal, they will remain in a pending status until they accept and you can remind them by resending the invite. If you decide to uninvite them, they'll receive a notification that the invitation has expired.

Learn more about how you can pay your team for their work in our detailed Help Center article HERE.


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