It's now even easier to share your scope with anyone, at any time by either downloading your scope as a PDF or copying the teammate or client share link to your clipboard.

Copy the scope as a PDF Link

From the Scope or Manage tab, click the "share" button next to "edit scope" in the top right corner of the screen.

You have the option to share the client share link or teammate share link. If you select to copy either link, the link will automatically be copied to your clipboard and ready to paste anywhere.

The client share link shows the client-pricing of the scope.

The teammate share link shows the phases and services within the scope, but none of the pricing.

From the shared scope page, your viewer has a few options of what to do.

  • They can review the scope details to understand their responsibilities by phase or by their role, and the accompanying budget.

  • They can reach out to the Team Lead to discuss the scope by copying their email with the button at the top right or under the Team Lead's profile card clicking on the email icon.

Download the scope as a PDF

From the Scope or Manage page, choose to "Download PDF" from the "share" button next to "edit scope" in the top right corner of the screen.

You can view a live preview of the PDF and make changes as necessary to what is shown. Visit the articles linked to find out how to further update your live preview or update your branding on the scope.


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