After creating your scope, publish a proposal to lock-in your services for that scope, include contract terms, and collect an e-signature from your clients.

This article will show you how to:

Create a proposal

After building out your scope, select create proposal.

Within the proposal, you'll see your scope, your studio's logo and bio, and the proposal progress bar.

After ensuring your scope and terms all look good, feel free to change up the settings on your proposal to include or exclude what you'd like. Click view settings and use the toggles to customize your proposal.

Turn on Contract Terms and below the scope, you'll see the ability to add Terms to your proposal. Select to add existing or create new.

Send and collect e-signature

Once all is ready to go; scope is checked, settings are set, terms are included - choose to either download or copy the share link.

Select the three dots next to copy share link to download.

To send the proposal for signature, select to copy share link.

From that link, clients will see something similar to the image below. They can select to either download the PDF or select sign and accept. You and your client will receive an email once they've signed and accepted the proposal.

One last thing! To keep tabs on where your client's at, follow the proposal progress bar within your proposal. You'll be able to note when they've viewed the proposal and when the proposal has been approved and signed.

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