Create an invoice to request payment from your clients.

1. From your project, navigate to the "Pay" tab. On the "Pay" tab, you can view the project's income, expenses, and gross profit, as well as past client invoices and payouts sent to teammates.

2. Click the "create invoice" button under "Client Invoices" to create a new invoice.

3. Click the plus signs to add the client contact, billing address, and client tax ID.

The invoice will automatically send to the client contact listed. If there are multiple, you can choose between which contact you'd prefer to send the invoice to. When you choose to add a client contact, you'll be prompted to fill out their name and information.

4. Manually enter the line item you are invoicing for and select "add line item" to add additional items to the invoice.

5. Check out the drop-down on the right side of the screen to quick-add a service to the invoice from your project's scope.

Select the plus sign next to the item to add it directly to the invoice.

6. Check off the box next to "Taxes" to include tax in your invoice. Type in the percentage of tax that you'd like to include in the invoice.

7. Pass the 1% payment processing fee to your client by clicking the plus sign next to "add payment processing fee." This will automatically calculate and include the 1% fee in the total amount you're invoicing your client.

8. Add a personalized message to your invoice in the email body field, if you'd like, or click "preview" to view what your client will receive.

9. Click "send" to send the invoice. It will now appear on the "Pay" tab within your project with the status "sent."

If you want to add your own flair to your invoice, customize your brand on the My Studio page! Check out this article for more information.

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