After you've created an invoice, choose to schedule an invoice to send at a later date so you can check it off your to-do list!

Within the invoice builder, choose the date you'd like the invoice to be sent, as well as the payment due date.

Select schedule to send, and then schedule now to schedule the invoice to send at the date you've chosen. You can also choose to send test to self to send a test invoice to yourself to ensure all looks good before scheduling!

After selecting schedule now, your invoice will be sent on the designated day. You will receive an email notification on that day that the invoice was sent.

Once you've scheduled your invoice, it will show on the Invoices page with the status as scheduled.

To unschedule your invoice, select the three dots next to the invoice amount and choose Unschedule.

Select unschedule send to confirm.

Your invoice is now unscheduled and will not be sent on the previously designated day. You can send it off to the client now or save for later.

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