On the Invoices page, you can create an invoice, track the status of an invoice, edit and delete invoices, schedule and unschedule an invoice, and filter to find and reference an invoice as needed.

Create an invoice from the Invoices page by selecting to create on the top right corner of the screen.

You may also utilize the create button on any page and select New Invoice to begin the process of creating an invoice.

You'll be prompted to select which of your projects you'd like to invoice for. Feel free to search for a project using the search bar, or select to create project to begin a new one.

Select services from your scope, add custom line items, any expenses or fees, and your clients billing details and a note if you like. Select save for later at any time to save the invoice as a draft to return to at any time. Check out this article for more information on how to schedule an invoice.

***Tip: pass the payment processing fees to your client by selecting add payment processing fee. This will automatically update the total cost of the invoice

Select to preview the invoice - select the boxes of the elements you'd like to include or not include in the invoice. If all looks good, select to send now or send test to self to send a test run to yourself.

Track the status of your invoices on the Invoices page - filter for Paid, Sent, Overdue, or Draft invoices.

Delete or edit an invoice by selecting the 3 buttons to the right of the project name. Select schedule to schedule the invoice to send at a later date. Select Download PDF to download the PDF of the invoice. Select record a payment to mark an invoice as paid.

Unschedule a scheduled invoice by selecting the three dots next to the amount of an invoice that is scheduled. Select Unschedule.

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