Send an Invoice from a Project

How to create and send a client invoice for payment.

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Create an invoice to request payment from your clients directly from a project.

1. From your projects tab, select the project you want to create an invoice for. Select Invoices at the top of the project’s page. This is where you can keep tabs on all invoices for that specific project or create a new one.

Note: Wethos Starter 🌱 users will only be able create invoices tied to their first project. Learn more about how to create your first project here.

2. Select invoice client to create a new invoice.

You can also navigate to the Invoices tab to see a complete list of your invoices. Then select “Create invoice”. Add your client's name and project name, and then select create invoice to start.

3. Put your invoice together! Select services from your scope, add custom line items, any expenses or fees, your clients' billing details, and a note if you like. You can also apply discounts on your invoices to fit your projects’ needs.

***Tip: pass the payment processing fee to your client by selecting Client pays the processing fees. This will automatically update the total cost of the invoice once your client selects which form of payment they'd prefer to use.

See what payment methods you have enabled to offer your clients at the bottom of your invoice.

4. Select save for later to save the invoice as a draft to return to at any time. If all looks good, feel free to preview or send a test email to yourself to send a test-run to yourself.

If you select preview, use the checkboxes to include or exclude aspects of the invoice you'd like visible to the client. You can also select the different payment methods to compare processing fees for each. Once all looks good, select Send!

5. Once it’s time to send your invoice, select Send Now to send your invoice through the Wethos platform or copy the share link to your invoice to send it to your client outside of Wethos.

Keep in mind that If you decide to copy the share link, your invoice will show as draft instead of sent on your Invoices page. This means you can make edits to your invoice up until your invoice is paid. These edits will be reflected in your client's share link as long as they refresh it.

If you are a Wethos Pro member you can also schedule an invoice to send. Check out this article for more information on scheduling an invoice to be sent later.

You can learn more about including a deposit within your proposal and sending an invoice in our detailed Help Center article here.

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