Create an invoice to request payment from your clients directly from a project.

1. From your project, navigate to the "Pay" tab. On the "Pay" tab, you can view the project's income, expenses, and gross profit, as well as past client invoices and payouts sent to teammates.

2. Click the "create invoice" button under "Client Invoices" to create a new invoice.

3. Begin by selecting the services from your scope that you'd like to invoice for.

Select to "skip" on the top right corner if you'd like to add your own, custom line items to the invoice. Select to "save for later" to save the invoice as a draft to return to at any time.

After selecting a service to add to the invoice, you'll see a checkmark next to that service. Select "create" in the top right corner to create the invoice.

4. Make any adjustments you see fit. Notice the Invoicing Breakdown bar - this reflects the amount of the project that you've invoiced and been paid for, and what remains after that.

Edit the name, quantity, amount, or description of the line item, or click "add custom line item" to invoice by different means (for example you're welcome to type in "30% of the project").

5. If you forgot to add a service to the scope, have no fear! Select to "add service from scope" and you'll be able to quick-add any services you may have left behind by selecting the plus sign.

6. Pass the 1% payment processing fee to your client by selecting "add payment processing fee." This will automatically update the total cost of the invoice.

7. Select "add tax" to include taxes in your invoice. Type in the percentage of tax that you'd like to include in the invoice, and the total will be updated.

If all looks good, select "next" in the top right corner.

8. Fill out the billing details, add an invoice note, and select when the payment is due. Choose to "preview" once you're all set.

9. Preview your invoice. Check or un-check the boxes to include or remove service descriptions, prices, or quantities. Select to "finalize."

10. Add an email message and "send a test email" to yourself to see what your client will receive, or send it off directly to the client by clicking "send" in the top right corner, and voila! Your invoice has been sent.

If you want to add your own flair to your invoice, customize your brand on the My Studio page! Check out this article for more information.

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