Welcome to Wethos! We're so excited you chose us to help scale your business.

We know starting a new platform can be overwhelming, and we want to help make your transition as seamless as possible. Consider this your guide to understanding all the moving parts of Wethos and how to get up and running quickly. If you need hands on support, don’t hesitate to schedule a demo call with a member of our team.

First, you may be wondering - what is a virtual studio? A "Virtual Studio" is a suite of innovative tools that work together to help you confidently price bigger projects, find and pay collaborators, and manage your cash flow across projects, all in one place.

Build your studio by starting with the essentials...

  1. A Wethos Payments Account

  2. Scopes and services

  3. A network of collaborators

Put it all together, and your business can run from pricing out a project, to pitching the deal alongside collaborators, to managing the project timeline - all on Wethos.

Step 1: Set up your Wethos Payments Account

Begin by conquering your cashflow. Instantly set-up a free business bank account, directly from your studio. With your Wethos Payments Account you can:

  • Keep tabs on your cash by easily tracking paid invoices and project costs.

  • Invoice clients with only a 1% client payment fee.

  • Instantaneously payout teammates at no cost.

  • Use your studio debit card for out-of-pocket costs to easily assign expenses to projects and bill your clients.

Apply for a Wethos Payments account by filling out the information on the My Money page. After approval, you can link your current bank accounts, transfer money to your available balance, and start invoicing your clients, and get paid!

Step 2: Scope Your First Project

Begin to build out your first project by exploring your library of services. Your studio comes pre-loaded with a library of services, as well as the ability to create your own, customized services. The more services in your library, the more you can offer your clients, and the more you can grow your business.

  • Services are the building blocks for your scope.

  • They make it really easy to generate invoices for clients and keep track of how much you owe teammates.

  • With a library of your services, you can build a scope in as little as 10 minutes.

Build your first scope in My Projects by creating a test client and project (or a real one!). This is when the services you saved to your library come in handy. In the Scoping tool, use the search bar to find your custom services or search for templates. Copy your services or templates to the scope and use the pricing levers to adjust the cost, description, role, and quantity. Check here for a more step by step guide in creating your first scope.

Step 3: Build Your Network

Teamwork makes the dream work and we've made it easy to organize your network on Wethos, invite collaborators to projects, save them and categorize them, and share new opportunities with them.

  • Search for new collaborators using the Discover tab to filter the database and save profiles you find interesting. You can filter by availability, industry, roles, services, tools, or languages. Group these new and known collaborators - maybe your "Dream Team," "Squad Goals," "Coding Dojos" - and reach out to them when the time's right to team up on a scope.

  • Invite teammates to a project from the Manage tab within a project. Copy the “teammate share link” from your scope to share your project with potential collaborators without revealing total project cost and other roles’ compensation.

  • Payout teammates you’ve collaborated with directly from the project you’ve worked on together. Collaborators need a Wethos Payments Account in order to be paid through Wethos, and these peer-to-peer payouts are free and instantaneous.

If your go-to teammates aren't already on Wethos, invite them by sharing a link to sign-up.


Still have questions? We're happy to help!

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