Templates are a great way to scope quickly by starting from a baseline proposal that has been executed by a Wethos team with prices vetted by varying specialists.

Where to access the Services Library?

Access the Wethos Services Library from the My Studio homepage, under the Services tab.

You can also access the Services library from the "My Projects" page. From there, you'll need to create an account, then a project, and navigate to the "Scope" tab to enter the scope builder. You'll see this page; click "create scope."

How to use the Services Library?

Within the scope builder, navigate to the filter under "Services Library" and select the options for "Wethos" under "Library" and "Scopes" under "Type."

You'll notice a list of templates that you can search through and choose to use in their entirety or in parts.

Click on any scope to view more details including its phases and services.

If you decide to use this scope you have a few options for how you can add it to the scope builder:

  • Copy all phases and services - to copy the previous scope in its entirety to your current scope.

  • Copy phases - to copy a phase or two to your current scope.

  • Copy services - to copy certain services into phases within your current scope.

Note: The scopes that you create will not show up in the public Wethos templates library. Only scopes vetted by Wethos will appear in the public library.


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