Preview the client experience yourself by sending a test invoice to yourself. You can also take a look at what your client will see when they receive your invoice and customize the look by heading over to the My Studio page.

After sending an invoice, your client will receive an email that includes your custom message, the invoice number, the due date, the amount of the invoice, and the project it's associated with. It will look similar to this:

When they click view invoice, they will be brought to the client-facing view of the invoice. At the top, they will have the ability to download or print the invoice.

Clients will be able to select between paying via bank transfer or card. If they select bank transfer, they can perform an ACH payment, or wire you the funds using your account and routing number found on your Transactions page.

  • ACH / Bank Transfers are a 1% payment processing fee

  • Card Payments are a 2.9% +$0.30 payment processing fee

If you do not pass the processing fee to the client within the invoice builder, the processing fees will be deducted from the overall invoice amount.

After submitting a payment via ACH/Bank Transfer, expect a confirmation of payment from Wethos. After submitting a payment via Card, your clients can expect a receipt from Stripe.

Visit our Payments FAQs for more detail about invoicing and payment.

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