Take a look at what your client will see when they receive your invoice and customize the look by heading over to the My Studio page.

After sending an invoice, your client will receive an email that includes your custom message, the invoice number, the due date, the amount of the invoice, and the project it's associated with. It will look similar to this:

When they click "view invoice," they will be brought to the client-facing view of the invoice. At the top, they will have the ability to download or print the invoice.

Pay Options on the right provide the information your client needs to directly pay the invoice with an ACH credit transfer or a direct debit.

Visit our Payments FAQs for more detail about invoicing and payment.

Head to My Studio to view and edit your branding. Use the toggle to view scope, invoice, or client email.

Edit the branding on any of these documents by playing around with the Settings on the right side of the screen. Watch your changes being made in real-time.

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