The burden of running a business on top of getting work done can mean less time to pursue an opportunity. That’s why we built Wethos: an all-in-one platform that streamlines operations from pricing to payments and unlocks earning potential for talent at the top of their game.

What can I do with Wethos?

  • Instantly price projects: Scope work in minutes with crowd-sourced data on common services.

  • Easily team up with friends: Onboard your team and divvy up services with just a few clicks.

  • Search and discover: Expand your network and discover new teammates to work with.

  • Transparently split payments: No more messy paperwork. Seamless revenue-sharing that’s easy to track.

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Who uses Wethos?

Our users are freelance entrepreneurs who have built their own content, design, brand, and dev studios. Their skill sets differ, but they're all looking to scale up and make their process more efficient.

Is Wethos for you?

If the above resonates with you, join us! Know someone else who sounds like a good fit? Invite them!

What sets Wethos apart?

We want to build a better path forward for the creative and advertising industries. One that's powered by a diverse group of talented people who create and share meaningful jobs, who value collaboration over competition, and who believe their business — no matter how small — can play a big part in advancing social and economic equity for their communities.


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